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Jason Murray hard at work. Greg Long happy to be alive. At Cortes Bank, Nov 2010.

Ian Walsh with a huge eruption behind him and a giant, giant wave breaking off in the distance. At Cortes Bank, Nov 2010.

Praise for Ghost Wave

"Ghost Wave takes us to a place of almost mythic power and tells a story that unfolds like a long ride on a killer wave. I can't imagine doing what those surfers are doing out there on Cortes Bank--and I can't imagine a finer book about them. This is a beautifully researched and compellingly written book. I read it straight through from the first page. Terrifying."
-Sebastian Junger, author of The Perfect Storm

"Mystery shrouded, invisible from shore, riddled with hazards real and imagined, the Cortes Bank is a sort of Rubicon. Only a handful of surfers have crossed to the other side. In Ghost Wave, Chris Dixon traces the Bank's maritime history, the fanciful civilization of Abalonia, and the absolute madmen who chase shifting peaks in the open ocean."
-Scott Hulet, editor, The Surfer's Journal

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